July 28, 2014
How TERF works

Pay attention, if you’re not already neck-deep in the gender wars of online feminism. TERF is an acronym for “Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist” that its users claim is applied purely descriptively. Critics of the term point out that it is not used neutrally, but in all cases pejoratively: TERF is a curse word used solely against women, a version of “bitch” that liberals can feel OK saying. “TERFs” are charged with inciting and inflicting violence against transgender people, despite the fact that violence against transgender people, like all violence, is overwhelmingly committed by men and not by feminists of any stripe.

The definition of TERF is extraordinarily loose: what one is supposed to be excluding trans peoplefrom is never identified. To state that male and female bodies exist can be enough to win the TERF label; to state that the division of sex is the foundation of sexual oppression is more than sufficient. (If your observations of reality have led you to believe that sexual dimorphism in humans is both real and socially relevant, you may be confused to learn that acknowledging this is now deemed evidence of bigotry in some quarters.)  It is also a highly toxic definition to apply to someone, both because of the intimation of violence, and because there is a hefty taboo within the left at large against “excluding” anyone.

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July 28, 2014
"crazy lesbians who don’t shave any part of their body = not feminists"

Actual thing I found in the feminist tag today

You are throwing lesbians, women who don’t shave, and people with mental illnesses all into the same category and then throwing that collective group under the bus. 

Let me share something with you, if it weren’t for those “crazy lesbians” you would not have the rights you have today. Those “crazy lesbians” were at the forefront of women’s liberation from the very beginning. 

Honestly, you are not feminist if you say anything remotely close to the above statement. 

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July 22, 2014


Do you ever just feel overcome by utter astonishment & disbelief that people even demand proof that porn is harmful in the first place? Like here are thousands upon thousands of videos showing 25 men penetrating one woman in her vagina, anus, & mouth, calling her a dirty slut & a cum bucket, & ejaculating on her face & body while she grimaces or cries, but what do you mean this is misogynistic? Rape & abuse, haha what are you talking about, she loves it! Why don’t you PROVE these negative effects, huh?? But even when you do show them all the research, statistics, & testimonies in the world, they don’t care. It’s like people’s brains just fall out of their heads when it comes to porn.

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July 21, 2014

The “Invisible Men project” (the-invisible-men.tumblr.com/) was recently part of an exhibition in Glasgow. The whole exhibition was objected to by those claiming to have an interest in “choice” and “freedom”. The “Invisible Men” project was particularly targeted for condemnation. It uses reviews on “Punternet” to reveal what men really think about women. This revelation is dangerous to those who have a multi-million dollar investment in the illusion of “choice” and “freedom” for women. Unsurprisingly, there was a backlash against the exhibition.

The sex industry lobbyists, and their friends, those bastions of anti-censorship, tried to prevent the exhibition from taking place. I am going to focus on the methods and language used in a petition started by them. It is a microcosm of what is happening everywhere there is feminist, and radical feminist, resistance to male supremacy. That, and the conditioning women experience to protect men above each other and ourselves, is a more powerful silencing weapon than a specially-built prison for feminist agitators.

The title is: “Remove the whorephobic “Invisible Men” exhibit which dehumanizes sex workers”

The most noticeable part of the petition is the use of “whorephobia” (sic) as an actual word which has meaning. It attempts to reframe feminist objections to women being used as disposable male commodities as some kind of deep-seated fear of other women. Every woman is caught up in the sex industry; in the idea that women exist for men’s pleasure/entertainment, and can be bought and sold for our bodies. Our very society is built on that foundation. There is no “them” and “us”. All women need to be invested in destroying a society where this is legitimized in order to free our class. Many radical feminists are survivors of the sex industry and speak out about that experience. All women experience the dehumanization described in the Punternet “reviews” because the words are not only directed towards individual women but towards women as a class. What makes the “Invisible Men” project powerful is having it laid out, in men’s own words; the truth for all to see.

Women who are prostituted are, of course, discriminated against and stigmatized, on top of the inhumane experience of being treated like a product to be reviewed, judged (and found wanting) by the male class. The fact that prostituted women are stigmatized within wider society is used to silence ex-prostituted women, radical feminists, and others, about abuse within prostitution. If we’re presented as “whorephobics”, who merely have a deep-seated fear of prostituted women, and of the “freedom” and “choice” “sex” itself brings, then we become the problem and not the men who abuse and buy women.


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July 19, 2014

Recently I was in a sexual situation that turned pushy and insistent (despite my original “no”) and I continued to say no. The guy backed off eventually and the situation did not escalate.

This was incredibly unsettling— but not because this guy was trying to coerce me —because if this had happened a number of years ago, before I became active in the online feminist community, I would have most likely let him have his way. It’s really fucked up, isn’t it? I am pretty certain I would have caved. I would have thought it was easier to let him use me, not to fight, to just forget about it. And I would have been miserable afterward. But I know myself, and I know who I was before I “met” all of you awesome feminists.

So thank you, fellow feminists, for making me feel okay with verbally and physically standing up for myself.

I don’t care how corny that sounds. I don’t care that people belittle online activism. I can honestly say now that it has changed me for the better.

July 15, 2014
How the HPV Vaccine Failed to Protect Me


Racism in science strikes again. This is truly appalling.

July 10, 2014
Violence in Advertising

Violence in Advertising

July 10, 2014



#YesAllWomen because this is just a small sample of what I get to my PROFESSIONAL email and Facebook accounts. 

Just a reminder to all of you that this woman is running for Mayor of Toronto.  She is looking to be, arguably, the third most powerful politician in Ontario, and this is the shit she gets.

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July 8, 2014





Yesterday, I was studying with a fellow classmate in my art class, and she brought up how stupid feminism is. She talked about how they all piss her off, and how she doesn’t understand why they would judge her for moving away from home to live with her boyfriend. I asked her, “Is that what you truly wanted to do?”, and of course her response was yes. I then said “You are young, happy, and going to school with the hopes of being a publicist. To me, that is a feminist move because you are thinking for yourself and not letting your boyfriend dictate your entire life. You moved here simply because you wanted to, not just because he wanted you too. This school had the major that you were interested in and you went after it. You are working for a dream just as he EQUALLY is doing, making you a feminist without even realizing it.”

Feminism was not made to be a dirty word, but our society has definitely recreated it to be a dirty word. It’s all about equality, and the people around us should really be taught to know the difference. Once they see that, many people will begin to refer to themselves as feminists.

I <3 het feminism!

Any time I have ever seen that Kate Nash quote, it’s me or some other feminist ripping it apart for its horrible, horrible, horrible anti-woman and lesbophobic message. & here some fucking idiot is raving about it. ~~equality~~ lmfao have you even ATTEMPTED to learn about feminism beyond a fucking tumblr glitter quote?

Choosy-choices do not a feminist make.

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July 8, 2014


I had to go outside today because my recycling bin was blowing onto the road. It was absolutely pouring rain, so I put on a bathing suit and shorts. I was outside for about 35 seconds before a passing car slowed down to catcall and honk at me. I gave them the finger and shouted, “FUCK OFF, THIS IS A SITUATION THAT MAKES COMPLETE SENSE, ASSHOLES. LET ME LIVE MY LIIIIIIFE!!!!!!” And then I chased them down and when they were stopped at the light at the top of my street, I threw the recycling bin at their car using my strong female muscles, and then jumped on the hood, dropped my shorts, and took a shit all over their misogynistic Toyota Camry. 

Fuck, those guys.